Did you realize...

our summer 2019 gathering summer marked the 100th birthday of the Pentecostal
Church of God? Our story began in 1919, and now we've entered into a
2nd-Century PCG.

June 24-27, 2019

Calvary Church • Irving, Texas

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Monday | 6.24

Celebrating Summerfest and our International Talent Expo

Tuesday | 6.25 | ONE STORY

Celebrating One Story in our Centennial Service and Birthday Party

Wednesday | 6.26 | ONE MOVEMENT

Celebrating One Movement in our Global Service and After-Party

Thursday | 6.27 | ONE FUTURE

 Celebrating One Future in our Next-Gen Service and Awards Party   




Eli J. DePriest,
Charter Member

One of the charter members of the PCG, Evangelist Eli DePriest was known for his "Holy Ghost ministry," where countless were filled with the Spirit during revival services across Missouri, Arkansas, and Iowa.



Ferne Bruce,
National Youth Leader

Though a specialized youth ministry was initially launched in 1928, Sister Ferne Bruce, having "fanned the flame of inspiration" to reach the next generation, was elected in 1934 to serve as “the first known PYPA President.”


More stories coming soon...


Jake & Ellen Keele,


"Christians, I ask you, is not our cause greater than that of the communists? ...shouldn't we rise to even higher heights of devotion...for our living Christ who yearns over the world with the same unquenchable love that drew Him to Calvary?"



 "WE are a GLOBAL church with a GLOBAL mission."

Latin America

Relationship with our Central and South American family is stronger than ever. Brazil alone numbers more than 60,000 members.


Thanks to the pioneer efforts of Fanny Smith and Daniel Spiese, PCG has held a strong presence in Africa for more than 80 years.


PCG has had brothers and sisters in Asia since 1932, when Mr. and Mrs. George Doyal sailed to China and founded our first mission abroad.

Middle East

Despite strong Muslim influence in 1969, PCG family ran a Bible Course with enrollment of over 1000 across 11 different nations. The impact of this endeavor is still felt today.


Our partnership with the European church remains strong, as countless souls have been won across Portugal, France, Romania, and other locations.

American Indian

PCG has enjoyed fellowship with the First Americans since 1947. Today we are connected to over 100 tribes, building churches and preaching the Gospel on several reservations.



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John Stalls

General Secretary, 1969

"If America with its modern technology can put a man on the moon, surely we with Holy Spirit power can put a mission on each nation's map... There will be no retreat! I have volunteered, and thousands of others have done the same... A centennial is in the making!"

John Stalls
General Secretary, 1969

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R.D. Heard

General Bishop, 1969

"Church denominations--we prefer to call ours a movement!'--are born when ministers and members... are brought together by the Holy Spirit and commissioned to spread the Good News by every possible means."

R.D. Heard
General Bishop, 1969

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Dan Coleman

General Secretary, 2019

“The Pentecostal Church of God was pioneered as a movement fully committed to Christ and His mission. As we begin the next chapter of our story, we too must be fully committed to Christ and His mission—with a united purpose to be witnesses of Christ in all the world.”

Dan Coleman
General Secretary, 2019
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Wayman Ming Jr.

General Bishop, 2019

"God's prophetic declaration to live as a 'Global church with a global mission' continues to accelerate our missional pace toward a daring destination. In sacred cooperation with the Spirit, our centennial is approaching and the story of a 2nd-century PCG is about to be written."

Wayman C. Ming Jr.
General Bishop, 2019

Join us for this pivotal moment in history...

We are ONE. We are PCG.

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